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Choosing the right Driving School – Manteca|Lathrop|Tracy|Ripon|French Camp|

At Gaby’s we know that Quality Instruction provides the foundation for Safe Driving

Driving school is a time-tested method for training teen drivers and has been proven to statistically reduce the number of fatal accidents. We at Gaby’s Driving School in Manteca recommend and urge the parents of teenagers to take an active role in selecting an appropriate driving school. Not all Driving Schools are equal.

Why Driving School Instruction

Structured classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction are the first steps in preparing students for driving in today’s traffic. Professional instructors can provide comprehensive training that addresses the mistakes new drivers are likely to make.

To Supplement the Classroom Experience — Parent Involvement is a Must

The driver’s education instructor cannot be the only person to work with the new driver. As a parent, you are the person who cares most about your teenager’s driving ability and safety. Getting a driver license is not the end of learning to drive. The six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction a new driver receives in may fall far short of the amount of time actually needed to learn to drive (depending on the Teen Driver).

Ask friends and neighbors to recommend a driving school

Why did they select this specific school? What pleased them about the experience? Here at Gaby’s Driving School in Manteca, we service Lathrop, Ripon,Tracy and the Stockton area. We can provide you with client testimonials and you can also look us up on Yelp, Google, Yahoo & Yellow Pages.

Check the Driver Education School License & Insurance

It should be displayed in the school’s business office and good solid insurance should be carried on each vehicle used. – Gaby’s Driving School is Certified by the CA DVM, Bonded & Insured for our students safety.

Cost considerations

Cost is one of many factors to consider when choosing a school. Driver Training costs range in price and in structure, so you will need to factor in some basic information, such as:

 Behind-The-Wheel Training.
A typical driver-training package
Additional behind the wheel lessons beyond the state’s requirement may be offered at a per hour fee.
Fees may be incurred when the new driver misses a session.

Gaby’s offers straight forward pricing and no hidden fees!

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  • 2 Hour Lesson $90 Minimum to Validate Permit
  • 6 Hour Package $270

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